The Perfect Pike Pack


If you target pike, the Perfect Pike Pack is what you need! If you want to throw a big spinnerbait, an inline, or more sized spinnerbaits, you’ve got it. Tons of color selection, different blade types, including our signature Hatchet blades, you’re ready for all kinds of water. It even comes with the terminal tackle you want for pike.

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Everything you need to target those toothy critters all in one place! We’ve put together some favorites from our team of anglers when they are targeting pike. It has some big spinnerbaits, inlines, leaders, trailer hooks, and all kinds of colors

The Perfect Pike Pack includes:

  • 1 Large Tacklebox
  • 1 Red/White Pike and Musky Taker
  • 1 Bluegill Pike Bite
  • 1 Red/Chartreuse Scallop Blade
  • 1 Orange/Black Lizard Skin
  • 1 Black Magic Hex Series
  • 1 Black/Red Flash
  • 1 Firetiger Flash
  • 1 Pumpkin Flash
  • 1 Red/White Triple Blade
  • 1 Orange/White Double Blade
  • 1 Lime/Chartreuse Double Blade
  • 1 Black/Lime Single Blade
  • 1 White Single Blade
  • 2 packs of Trailer Hooks
  • 2 12″ 100 lbs Leaders


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