Frequently asked questions

Do you offer free shipping?

We are happy to provide free shipping on orders over $150 dollars

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are processed within 48 hours of receiving them, and are shipped with Canada Post. A tracking number will be provided for orders within Canada, and in the U.S.A depending on the size and weight of the order.

Can I pick up my order in person?

If you want to pick up the order in person, Contact us and we can set it up!

How long does it take to make a spinnerbait?

Between pouring them, painting them, and putting skirts and blades on them, it takes seven days until it is ready to hit the water!

How long have you been around?

Blackfly Lures was started in 2001, and we have been making our top quality lures ever since.

Why buy Blackfly?

The short answer is our dedication to making a top quality product, and that we make them all right here in Ontario. Our About page talks about some of the features that make our lures better.

How do you pick a color or type of lure?

 It depends on a lot of factors. The type of fish you’re planning on catching, the water conditions, the sun, time of year. If you’re having trouble choosing one of our lures, we are happy to help you! Contact us and we will help find the right lures for you!

Can I order custom lures?

We make all of our lures so, if we have the components, we can make what you’re looking for. Contact us to discuss how you want them made, and rates.