About Blackfly Lures


Blackfly Lures is a second generation family business that proudly makes our lures by hand in Acton, Ontario. Our family didn’t get into the fishing lure industry like many others. There were no tournament anglers, guides, or professional fishermen. We are recreational fishermen with a passion for doing things the right way!

The company started when my dad was frustrated trying to find quality spinnerbaits, a staple in any tacklebox. He did what any passionate person would do; he started Blackfly Lures so no one else would have the same struggle to find top quality spinnerbaits.

At Blackfly Lures we are proud to carry on this tradition. Our lures are made with that same passion to make things the right way, and a good deal of pride in what we make.

Fisherman at night with the beautiful sunset and sky

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Home of the Hatchet Blade and other unique designs

The Hatchet blades throw a different vibration in the water, a little bit of thump, and a lot of flash! They are a unique blade and a lot of anglers don’t switch back after trying them out!

The distinctive curve of the blades gives off a ton of flash as it cuts through the water, but it also gives a thump that the fish haven’t experienced before. They work well in pressured waters because they act differently in the water and when no one else is getting hit, you’ll be filling your bucket!

Blackfly Lures Hatchet Blades in Silver, Blood and Gold


Closed eyelets on all of our lures

The closed eyelets allow you to use leaders and swivels without having your line run up the arm of the lure. This way you can spend more time fishing, and less time trying to untangle your lures.

Stainless steel wire with black coating to make it invisible underwater

Black coated wires make our lures look more natural underwater. If they look more natural, the better your chances are of getting a bite.

Closed Eyelet of a Blackfly Lure

Stainless steel wire to tie the skirts on instead of a rubber band

You don’t want to have your skirt fall off after a good strike. We’ve got your back! Instead of using a rubber band, we tie our skirts with stainless steel wire. Our lures are designed to last, and the wire is all about durability.

Double coloured eyes

Painting the eyes of each lure two colours just may be the difference between reeling in that trophy, and getting skunked. It’s the small details that separate our lures from the rest, and the small details that trigger that strike! We’re here to help you put fish in the boat, so we don’t cut corners

Double Eye Colours